Nigerian Heritage

For more than 500 years in the city of Kano, there in the Kofar Mata dying pits of northern Nigeria, Indigo dying reached the world. A fixture of the Trans-Sahara trade route, this dying pit seems to have existed longer than time itself.  Indigo dying has not changed much in the last 500 years, as the methods utilized then still create unique and unmistakable results now. The KRISTOPHER ENUKE Los Angeles indigo collection borrows from this ancient, saturated dying process to present a trouser & jean collection of exclusive quality and depth. 

The Corset.

re-engineering the jean. to tighten your curves not displace them.  

girdle 2 edit.jpg

The Signature.

The sleekest details that let them know who you're wearing without telling them who you're wearing. 


representing regeneration and peace in old folkloric tradition.The raven represents the time between. Connecting your denim to deep roots,and your body to your inner goddess.